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Specialist in Psychiatry , Ireland  

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 We have excellent vacancies across Ireland ( Wexford-Waterford, Dublin, Cork, Kerry…) for this 2023 in Psychiatry, including sub-specialities in Old Age, Child&Adolescent, General  Adult, Intellectual, Learning Disability, Liason..

 This is a great opportunity for doctors who want to work and live  in a modern, safe, English-speaking EU country with a leading salary and quality of live

  • Initial contract for 12 months to start ASAP.

Approximate net monthly salary between  7500-8000€ net/month (HSE SALARY SCALE  is  €147,685     €154,300     €163,043     €175,450      €182,942      €189,186   €196,678     €210,730     €221,765  ) after tax and pension deductions for Consultant positions depending on experience. Could have the possibility to earn more money through private patients attending the hospital. Typical long term Consultants in Ireland are earning in excess of 10.000€ net/month

. 30 working days of annual leave for Consultants+ public holidays (there is 9 in a year).

  • 7 study days leave per year to attend conferences or further education for Consultants.
  • Up to 3000€ for educational funding for Consultants.
  • Lucrative pension scheme included.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  1. Should be a Specialist in Psychiatry  inside the European Union. Will need to get registered with the Irish Medical Council on the Specialist Registrar but we can help you with that if not yet registered. Please take into account that the process can take up to 3-4 months in total.
  2.   Have a very good command of written and spoken English.
  3.   Good motivation to go to Ireland to work as a doctor as from 2023.

       4.   Experience in Old Age at least 5 years.

All candidates who are interested should send a detailed CV in English to the following e-mail address: viviana@bolognahealthjobs.com. Extra and more precise information on the job places will be given once we receive the CVs.Please if interested do this immediately as this post is URGENT.



12 de enero de 2023


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